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Stones such as marble and granite adorn the interior spaces of a residential and commercial property. These two beautiful stones are used to add interest, form, and function in kitchens and bathrooms. Slate and other stones are often used to create beautiful, durable floors and accent walls in interior spaces of buildings. Although the physical properties of the stone remain the same, stones mined from different regions may have different color variations. RMM stones India suppliers are supplying high and premium quality to their customers.


Each type of stone has distinct advantages and disadvantages that need to be kept in mind during the design process. Natural stone comes in a beautiful variety of colors. Granite and imported marble can come in many varieties from soft beige and pink to classic black and white, to deep reds, greens, and multi-colors. There are many finishes for natural stone, and new finishes are constantly appearing on the market. 

Examples of finishes: polished, honed, leather, brushed. RMM stones have a wide variety of colors and finishes of natural stones.