Everyone loves a segment of marble colour effervescent their home interiors and how they add beauty to the tones of your homes. Your way of choosing different colors of marbles can be a weapon to project your ideas and thoughts. Make the most of your home interiors and exteriors using colored marbles like white marble,  black marble, blue marble, brown marble, etc.  in an innovative and artistic way that speak the language of the genre and class of your choice.


White Marble is a premium quality Marble,  that contains 98% calcite with water-resistant feature. Due to its striking white color and smooth finish, white marble is mostly used for flooring and it does not require any chemical treatment. Several iconic monuments like the Taj Mahal and the Victoria Memorial were constructed using white marble. It represents purity and peace and makes sophisticated aesthetics as well. When white marble is used in any living space, it tends to provide space and light, making the whole area look beautiful.

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The advantage of beige marble is that it is timeless and always in trend. There are innumerable shades of Beige Marble such as beige with streaks, spotless beige, or more greyish. Beige Marble is mostly used in small, and confined living spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and countertops, etc.


Grey Marble, a unique Indian marble, popular for its beautiful texture, is available in different designs which give an elegant look to your flooring, countertops, and interior and exterior walls. With high durability and good strength, it is a type of superior-quality natural stone used in building, and decoration. Grey Marble has unique grey patterns making it perfect for flooring and interior. Its maintenance is effortless as it is durable and has a long-lasting glow.


Black Marble is famous for its application in flooring, wall decoration, kitchen countertop, tabletop, and exterior decorations. Black Marble is durable and has a smooth, and long-lasting shine that requires no chemical experiments.


Brown Marble is widely popular for its elegant and unique appearance that increases the beauty of your home. It is the perfect choice for flooring, kitchen countertop and wall cladding as it has a marvelous brown appearance. Brown Marble is pure color natural marble with natural textures that make it more appealing for flooring. With modern machines and trendy techniques, Brown Marble is available in all types of cut as per customers' need.

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Green Marble is a natural stone of Green Color with light green-colored veins, commonly used for exterior and interior marble flooring and decoration. Green marble, also known as mint marble, can also be used for kitchen countertops and tabletops. It has water absorption capacity, and a very long-lasting glow and longevity.


This marble is popular for its sharp, yellow veins that dart across the light yellow background. It is the best choice for floors, countertops and walls. To clean and maintain this marble, you can use a mild detergent floor cleaner that is specially designed for Yellow Marble. Floor made of Yellow can be susceptible to hairline fractures.

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Blue marble is perfect for those who love the natural looks of marble but prefer a bluish contrast in their marble veining. Blue marble works beautifully when used as a large tile option, countertop slab and looks attractive. Blue Marble radiates an overwhelming and decisive personality that is overwhelming, and decisive that makes the space soft yet mysterious.


Pink Marble, one of the more valuable and favored natural stones, takes on a warm tone and is used for residential and commercial projects. Pink Marble reflects light and brightens up any living space giving it a sparkling appearance.

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