Marble is one of the most sought after materials in interior decoration. It is a soft, gentle and warm material. If you want to give your house a classy and expensive look, marble is the way to go. However, it is not just used in luxury homes. Marble is also used in commercial buildings, office buildings and other commercial properties. It is a common material that is used in many interior decorations. There are over 100 types of marbles you can use for various purposes. However, not all marble is treated equally and you need to know the different grades before you use it. This blog will look at how interior designers use marble in-home designs.

1. Countertops:

Marble countertops are a timeless classic. Revered for their unique pattern and the stone’s unmatched elegance, marble countertops have been a fixture in bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas for centuries. A marble countertop adds grandeur and sophistication to any room and a durable surface that is heat- and stain-resistant.

2. Tabletops:

Looking for adding a touch of classy look to your home decor? Marble slabs can be the ideal tabletop for your coffee table, dining table, or even living room. For a unique slant, try playing with variations of the tabletop marble design. You can also cut diorama shapes out of the same slab of natural stone to create a tabletop in the form of a desert oasis with a horizon of sand.

3. Sink or Bathtub:

We've known a lot about how marble has become a trend in home design and decor, but it is also making its way into home baths. A resurgence in popularity of using marble as an accent as well as a surface has resulted in a host of options for bathroom design such as bathtubs, sinks etc.

4. Accent Pieces:

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that has been used throughout the ages in art and architecture. It is known for its richness, durability and beauty. Today marble is becoming an increasingly popular opinion when choosing an accent piece. Marble accent pieces are a great way to add a touch of contemporary to your home while keeping with a minimalist style.

5. Flooring:

Installing Granite marble flooring may seem daunting but the truth is that it's really easy and not too expensive. Laying a marble floor is a long term investment that can reap benefits for the next decades or more. Your marble floor can be suited to your lifestyle and needs.

6. Shelf:

The marble wall panel in this room can be part of your reading books. This would work well in places where the interior is not too light and the marble wall panel doesn't wash the area out.

A marble wall panel is a great way to add more interest to an interior. Use it as a wall sculpture to make your study room stunning.

7. A backsplash of the Kitchen:

A marble backsplash is a great option for your kitchen if you want to create a high-end and sophisticated design. With a marble backsplash, you get a lot of benefits including a long-lasting kitchen countertop masterpiece. Not only does it add a touch of class to your kitchen design but it also makes your kitchen cleaner, easier to maintain and overall more visually appealing.

8. Pooja Unit:

Outdoor or indoor, marble is an inimitable material that can give your pooja space an element of elegance. But you sure need the right additions with it to create a stunning sacrament. With the right additions, you'll find that a marble pooja table can be a mesmerising altar for all your spiritual needs.

Marble can be used to make an impact in a variety of different home decors. But it is important to make sure the marble and the brand you choose suit the style of your home. Radha Madhav Marbles is a good brand to look for.

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We hope this blog has helped you to learn about the use of marbles in interior decoration.



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