Marble is a very important element which is used in multiple interiors be it at residential places or commercial. The biggest aspect of marble is that, it helps in changing the look of the interiors, hence choosing the right one is indeed the need of the hour.

Picking out the quality marble slab for the floor walls or countertops can be a pretty overwhelming task. Even if the individual can already imagine what they desire, it is tough not to get swamped. When they are face to face with the ocean of marble pieces at their nearest granite marble slab yard and think only picking out basic construction items is challenging.

But the marble manufacturer in Delhi believes the excess effort is entirely worth it. Especially when it is soaked into the interior design, marble not only offers an expression of aesthetic but also primarily brings a sense of earthiness into the area like no other element can. And if the potential house owners are visiting the Radhamadhav slab yard, they are bound to have a lot of fun. But alongside interest, the individuals also need some knowledge and tips of these leaves to pick out the suitable marble for their project.

Know what one wants:

Stepping into a marble slab manufacturer facility is very much like stepping into an art gallery where individuals can admire the elegance of all the numerous patterns, colours, and kinds of large marble slabs on display one after another. But potential buyers should not get distracted by the plethora of choices.

Because it is essential to keep an open vision as individuals go through the designs, they are required to have a common concept of what hue of slab they are searching for and how and where they will utilize it in their interior. Some other aspects to think of are whether or not they will like a little veining or a lot of them.

And also, whether they will require the slab to be a continuous match so that the slabs can create a cohesive image in the area.

Calling beforehand:

The experts suggest Calling the marble slab facility before visiting to question them about whether they have kinds of marble slabs that meet the dimensions, square footage kinds, and colour they require or not. The individuals should also let the facility know when they will visit and request them to arrange a tour where someone can point out the differences between the accessible marble slabs they have. This will also permit the manufacturers to pull out their range of different marble slabs in advance. So that when the individual visits the facility, they are taking them directly to the area which meets their requirements.

Be Conscious of Cracks:

The cracks are a marker that the slab has been improperly handled or dropped. But crevices are entirely different. As per the marble expert Radhamadhav marbles, the crevice differs from the crack because it is an organically or curing feature in the marble slab and does not alter the plains of the stone surface. They have also stated that potential buyers should be capable of sliding their nails across the crevice without catching it. Relying on the appearance of individuals trying to go for crevice can be acceptable.

Also, if they are searching for marble slabs that will offer them a more modest appearance, crevices do not alter the integrity of the marble slab. They are simply an aspect of the marble's character.


If you are looking for the best imported marble manufacturer, then you are indeed at a right place. Radhamadhav is the one-stop destination for providing the highest quality of marbles. When it comes to marble suppliers, since the demand for marbles is extreme there are plenty of suppliers available in the market, but choosing the right one is indeed the need of the hour.

There are plenty of factors that one should consider before actually boiling down to any of their options.



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