Marbles are the perfect choice to glam up your spaces in no time. Since ancient times and the very beginning of Jan civilization, it is something that has always been associated with Royalty. The natural stone is found in several colour options and diversified designs that are going to be an optimum choice to add a sense of class, sophistication and elegance to any space.

In ancient times during the ages of monarchy, it was used only by the royal families. Marbles were used to build popular Monuments and for remarkable architecture. However, as time went by marbles became more and more accessible to others as well. Starting with only the wealthy people, to add a statement of luxury since the price of marbles depends on its rarity. But now that we are accustomed to Indian Marbles that are equally beautiful as the ones that are imported into our country, Marbles are a choice that you can add to envisage your vision of an elegant interior.

Even though with an introduction to affordable yet equally beautiful marbles that are serene, good looking and lustrous many people doubt their durability. People have accumulated the wrong idea that Marbles are a very soft stone that needs a lot of maintenance which is hard to do.

Well, this is the only myth that is at an infinite distance from its reality or truth. So, let's get to know why Marbles are more durable than you think!

Marbles are very strong -  In contrary to its beliefs, marbles are one of the strongest materials for your home. The world's most remarkable monuments are mostly made of Marble and they continue to ooze the Royalty and the quality of architecture. The strength of Marble is one of the important factors why they are chosen the most by architects and engineers from the very beginning.

It is considered a very soft stone mostly because of the hues of its colours and the shine it exhibits but they are stronger than we think they are. However, Marble can be prone to scratches. But, the quality manufacturers of Marbles make sure to equip them with technologies that are resistant to scratches. Find the only best brands of Marble Manufacturers to make this thing sure.  A basic minimum treatment to marbles, especially tables made with countertops, is enough to retain the same beauty and glamour as it would on the first day of its arrival in your home for ages.

Marbles are Resistance to Moisture, Dirt and Bacteria - Well, most of the elements that we have ever heard of and out of which we can carve to use as our furniture, are prone to damage by moisture and dirt. Be it steel, iron, wood or anything else. Their beauty tends to deteriorate day by day and needs maintenance more often. However, using marbles either for flooring or your furniture would bring you no such worry. In case, if you choose wooden furniture or flooring no matter how great the quality is, the problems of damage out retaining moisture and dust would stress you utmost. Even if your fate saves you, no one can save your wooden pieces from termites and borers.

So, do you still think Marbles are not durable or are they any less than any of the other materials that you can use for your furniture or flooring? We are sure you don't.

Marbles have the option to be shielded - Unlike other materials, marbles can be sealed to protect themselves from Scratches and bruises. Honestly, Marbles need lesser maintenance than the others as without proper care each material is exposed to scratches. But, if you choose to buy marbles that are sealed, that's all you would need to keep your marbles safe from any damage.

One need to take the basic minimum care to ensure that the sealing remains intact.

It's a Myth that you need to reseal your materials every few years. If you care for them well, even the sealing would retain for years.

Hope we could clear that marbles indeed are durable and are a perfect fit for your home.

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