When talking about home décor, stones are a great choice to enhance the interiors. Radhamadhav Marbles happens to be one of the best and most sought stops for all lovely homes when talking about stones. That's right! You can now find the best stones that perfectly match your designed homes and are compatible with your personality.

Stones and Indians

Since 3200 BC, Indians have resorted to stones to beautify their shelter. Stones have a deep-rooted connection with India. Temple and forts are some of the most common examples of rocks being used in monumental architecture.

Not just that, almost all palaces of the ancient Indian Civilisation are standing tall examples of how beautiful stones are and how durable they are. With such intricate detailing done on them back in the day, they are cherished to date.

Types of Stones to Accentuate Your Home

The following are some of the stones that will accentuate the beauty of your house effortlessly.

Marble - Marble, a metamorphic rock, is a gorgeous natural stone that has been utilized since ancient times. The marble is formed by exposing limestone to intense heat and pressure. It has all of the necessary properties for flooring or countertops because it is a natural stone. Marble has timelessly been used as a decorative element in homes.

Marble has a timeless and exquisite appeal, whether utilized in the lounge rooms, kitchen worktops, or lavatories. It has time and again been used for home décor, with Italian and Indian marble being the most popular variants. For all your marble needs, you can visit the Italian marble dealers in Kishangarh.

Granite - Granite comes in approximately 250 different hues in India. India's granite reserves were 37,426 million cubic meters in 2005, and the country ranked seventh in processed product exports. Granite can be used as kitchen counters, staircases, bathroom walls, and more to give an appealing touch to your shelter. Visit the best Granite suppliers in Rajasthan now! 

Sandstone – Sandstone from India is available in a variety of colors for both indoor and exterior applications. When it comes to sandstone mining and export, India is among the top countries. 

Onyx stone – The ONYX gemstone is a Chalcedony variety with parallel scattered bands. The bands' color can range from white to black, blue, green, red, red-orange, orange, honey, and other hues. Onyxes come in a variety of colors and can be used for both astrological and healing purposes.

Semi-Precious stones – Semi-precious stones bring good luck to you and your home and have healing powers in them. The most common way to use semi-precious stones in homes is by installing slabs of gemstones or agate/blue slabs. They add value to your house like nothing else.

Stone Mosaic – A mosaic is a creative pattern or work of art traditionally made up of tiny elements such as stones or glass arranged in a way or image. Mosaic is an old art style that has remained popular in house decor for decades. Stone mosaic leaves a luxurious and appealing touch to your home.

Why Radhamadhav Marbles renovate your space?

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