There are numerous approaches to use natural stones in the home, from kitchen and restroom ledges and backsplashes to tables, and in any event, flooring. Marble and Granite are the two most beautiful stone developments. The utilization of these natural stones will give your home the further developed look you want. Even though they are framed by various geologic cycles, they are both known for their grouping of shapes and patterns, which change as per the minerals and silt present as they are shaped.

When settling on the natural stone that is ideal for your home, there are a few factors that you should think about identified with the two looks and essential components of the stone. Kishangarh is highly known for marble manufacture, Italian marble supplier.


Marble is a transformative stone manufactured from recrystallized Dolomite, also called metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks mean the rocks that square measure reworked over the years from the present rock. Different patterns, colors, levels, and surfaces can be accomplished with this stone. Marble offers the most stretched-out assortment of looks of any regular stone. There are various sorts of Marble, but the best utilization of Marble is in regions less inclined to mileage, such as backsplashes, washroom ledges, showers, or decks where fewer people are gathering or less crowded. Marble is a gentler stone and, in this way, more vulnerable to scratches, engravings, and stains.

However, Marble is fragile; day by day, cleaning and care will likewise assist with drawing out the life span of the stone's completion. Many of these imported marbles in Kishangarh are sent to all over the country.


Granite is shaped underground when magma cools, considering the development of different crystals of minerals. This process makes way to frame minerals, water, and gases to tap into it to form colourful and aesthetic patterns. Granite comes in various shades, emitting a more settled and recognized inclination, and others radiating a solid preference. Granite is one of the most burdensome natural stones on earth, which is why it is usually utilized for kitchen counters and floors where more people are gathered. Since it is a hard rock, restricted day-by-day support is required, albeit the surface should, in any case, be kept spotless and in excellent condition. Since rock is accessible in such countless various shadings, you can even discover a stone that resembles Marble. In India, the state Rajasthan is considered the most available place for Granites. There is a lot of granite supplier in Rajasthan

Comparison Between Marble and Granite

Hardness and life span:

Granite is relatively more rigid and more grounded than Marble. It is considered more durable than Marble and lasts long. Granite has heat-resistant properties more than Marble, so it is an excellent choice to add to the kitchen.

Marble is less durable than Granite and will fade its colour with time. Once appear dull, it is hard to get back marble's original form. So, it is considered an irreversible process.

Reactivity to Acidic substance:

Both the stones have a porous nature. Granites are more stain-resistant up to an effective sealant is kept up with on a superficial level; fluid spills won't penetrate the surface.

The transformative qualities of Marble make it more absorbent, and in this manner, marble is handily stained from spills, particularly from acidic fluids like citrus juices and wines.


The appearances of both Marble and Granite are unique in relation to one another. Rock's shading variety shows up since Granite has interfered stones in it like feldspar, mica, and amphibole.

Marble, then again, has a greyish or cream tone with veins going through it. The veins in Marble are, for the most part, because of impurities like iron oxide.


The tough nature of Granite makes it suitable for kitchen tops and corridors where there are high foot actions.

Marble is more well-suited for regions where there is less crowd, like restrooms. Marble gives a brilliant, exciting look and is reasonable for surfaces that are utilized less frequently.


Granite and Marble both are to be introduced by experts as the pieces are genuinely substantial. The cost of Marble starts from Rs 80, whereas Granite is starting from Rs 60 in India. Granite is always top of the line as it is less expensive than Marble. The cost may vary upon the nature of the stone, the intricacy of the work, and the style of the tiles.


Marble requires fixing considerably more as often as possible, for example, double a year. 

While the Granite can be last long, sealing once every two years.


Both stones can manufacture stunning, valued surfaces in your home.  Their costs square measure comparable and square measure mainly obsessed on the stones' lifespan and accessibility. The selection between Marble vs. Granite depends on your distinctive preferences and, therefore, the specific space and its use. The longevity of every stone can rely on the consistent maintenance and care of the house owner.



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