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Incorporated in 1990, Radhamadhav Marbles P Ltd. (RMM) is a shining example of the entrepreneurial success of family-owned businesses in India. RMM is a renowned brand name in the imported marbles, Granites, precious and engineered stones in the market. Leading from the front, Dushyant Ladha, Managing Director, Radhamadhav Marbles P LTD., says, “In the entire Delhi NCR, we’re the only company that deals in multiple product lines under one roof including marbles, granites, texture stones, engineered stones, ceramic tiles, porcelain slabs, natural quartzite, limestone and mosaic etc. The majority of marble collection at RMM focuses on fusion stones, which are now days a popular rage among architects, interior designers and builders. In our exclusive marble series we also give 100% crack free guarantee to our clients, as we import our marbles from the selected quarries after a careful selection and supervision and process them at the top most advanced technology and infrastructure.

  • Mr. Ramesh Chand Ladha

    Founder - Chairman

  • Mr. Dushyant Ladha

    Managing Director

  • Mr. Raghav Ladha

    Director - Sales

Radha Madhav Marbles is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Mr. Ramesh Chand Ladha, our founding chairman.
The enterprising spirit of Mr. Ramesh, coupled with the dynamic energy of Mr. DushyantLadha – The Managing Director and Mr. Raghav Ladha – the Director of Sales propels RMM to scale new heights. Together the dynamic trio has transformed the marble industry in India by introducing over 300 types of natural stones sourced from leading suppliers across the world.



In 1981, my father, Ramesh Chand Ladha, came to Delhi and he established Radhamadhav Marbles P LTD. (RMM) in 1990. As a family, we belong to the marble city of Makrana in Rajasthan. Initially, our business revolved around domestic marbles and granites and handicrafts. From 1995 to 2000, we were the first ones to launch 45 different colours of domestic marbles and over 250 different types of domestic stones from across pan India which was the biggest achievement for us at that time. I joined RMM around 13 years back in 2008. When I came into business market trends started to change. Buyers were more inclined towards purchasing of imported marbles so we diversified ourselves into imported marbles after recognising the upcoming demands. I started importing the marbles from all across the Europe but mostly from Italy, turkey, Greece, spain , Croatia and Portugal to cater to the growing needs of our clientele.

It has been more than 12 years now since we have been importing our marbles from these countries.

Conceptually, our USP has been that from whichever quarries or mines we’ve been importing from, we use to have exclusive agreements with them. Ultimately that gave us whole and sole exclusive import-distribution rights for those quarries across pan India. Right now, we have collaboration with 8 marble quarries across Europe and we always love to work with certain monopolistic controls.

Around 7 years back my younger brother, Raghav Ladha (Director Sales), also joined Radhamadhav Marbles, which gave a huge boost to our company. Thereafter, our company diversified into different product segments such as ceramics and slim tiles, textured stones. Right now, we’re exclusive stockist and distributors for five leading tile brands across Delhi NCR which are Varmora, Qutone, Nexion, Lexus and Emcer . This was again a big diversification for us as a group.

We also have an association with With AGL (Asian Granito Ltd), leading manufacturers of engineered quartz and composite marbles, from past 10 years as a stockist distributor for Delhi NCR. Whichever brand we’re associated with we have achieved awards for highest sales for each from past 5 years and still keeping the track records on. This is how we’re continuing to grow from the past 3 decades of our existence. In RMM we have learned, realised and believed that real growth comes with your existing clients and so to grown we have primarily focused to increase our products lines to achieve our desired targets


As I said earlier, the market was going through drastic changes at the time I joined the company, market trend started to change as earlier buyers were more inclined towards buying domestic marbles, whereas their inclination shifted towards buying imported marbles. Our company started its operations with exporting domestic marbles, which was our primary business back then. Now the challenge was to gear up our operations to meet this demand of imported marbles. There was a demand of up gradation in technology and infrastructure in terms of processing of imported marble, stock yards and experience centres.

So, in a sense, the actual challenge for us was to shift our entire business focus from dealing in domestic marbles to dealing in imported marbles so there was a lot of R&D involved to make a successful move into the international market. This challenge opened new business avenues for us, as we have entered international market.

To ensure this, I used to travel to many mines and quarries across the world and attended industry-related exhibitions to gain significant knowledge about international marble trade. Slowly and gradually, I started to connect the dots to get in touch with good suppliers and quarries from across the globe.


Our Company’s core mantra was always to create multiple and parallel product lines with different product segments. This was always a win win situation for us, as our existing clients didn’t need to find different vendors to fulfil their demands. As RMM we have always been one stop solution company for all stone related queries. We have the largest range of Indian and imported marble collection, with exclusive variants available nowhere else. Apart from supplying the marbles and other natural stones, we also provide skilled fabrication and polishing teams, chemical support and technical supervision in order to achieve 100% satisfaction of our clients. As a company, we’re very concerned until our clients get 100% satisfied as per their expectations.


When the imported marbles became a trend, the usual available colours were beige and white. If I talk about the current scenario, there is a trend of fusion and grey colours because such is the demand of architects, interior designers etc. They just don’t want to stick to a particular colour combinations or a particular colour stone. The fusion colour stones widen their designing scope, as they’re not bound to any particular colour scheme.

When they use fusion stones, they can play with multiple colour options in their furniture, wall paints, curtains etc. The majority collection at RMM currently focuses on fusion stones which are basically combination of grey, beige and bronze colours all in one. Usually the majority of imported marbles come with the certain cracks, cavities, and fillings which is their natural tendency being a natural stone. Now, this is a major challenge that the industry faces when it comes to imported marbles. The customer too knows about these facts. However, over a period of 2-3 years, these cracks widen up and some marbles can even develop more cracks and cavities.

Now Currently in RMM, we’re focussing only on those marble where we can provide 100-percent, crack-free guarantee. We try to procure stones only from those quarries which have zero crack zones or has minimised cavities and try to remove the impurities if any at the quarry itself. I know it is very surprising to hear and these options are very few which are only available in our exclusive series. But we are trying our best and we provide replacement guarantee as a assurance to our clients and to full fill our commitments. The selection of the marble blocks is personally looked after by me.

Above all these cherry picked master pieces are processed at our own processing unit in Kishangarh (Rajasthan) which is highly equipped with most advanced technology machineries and infrastructure. With our latest robotic resin line plant machine our marble slabs are produced with higher surface density resulting to long lasting polish and zero porosity levels. So when it comes to processing these marbles, we use all robotic automatic machines rather than handling it manually as it also plays an important role. This is one of the biggest differentiators for our clients when it comes to choosing RMM over other brands.


We have different customer segments. We supply our products to big real estate developers/builders, big construction companies, architects, and interior designers. On a day-to-day basis, we also have a lot of walk-ins who are referred by our satisfied end users. However, the major decision makers are architects, interior designers and builders. So, these are the major clients for us.


We have a huge marketing team divided into various zones that manages our day-to-day campaigns and activities regarding the promotion of our varied product line. They also visit the construction sites of real estate developers/builders, to ascertain the customer demands that are in trend nowadays and, thereafter, we approach our customers with a renewed concept. Digitally, we’re also trying to be very active nowadays through portals such as India Mart, Trade India, JustDial, etc. So, all these online platforms are also helping us a lot.

Then, of course, we have a lot of good references and mouth marketing from our clients has also helped us a lot. Since we’ve been in the industry for the past 3 decades, RMM has created its own niche and name in the market. Most of the real estate developers/builders, big construction companies, architects, interior designers of Delhi NCR already know about Radhamadhav Marbles and have been associating with us since a long time now.


At Radhamadhav Marbles, our next future goal is to re-export our products. Right now, we’ve been receiving enquiries from many African countries and Gulf countries for Turkish marbles, Italian marbles etc.

Currently, we’re also developing our new infrastructure with almost 40000-sq-ft of experience centre, which is coming up in Mayapuri industrial area of Delhi, which is going to be one of the biggest showrooms and experience centres across pan-India. We are also planning to increase our production by 10x by setting up a new processing unit in 20,000 sq. meter in Kishangarh itself by January 2022. This new processing unit will help in re-exporting our products across the globe.